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5 Tips On How To Find Your 'Sweet Spot' For Self-Care

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Society makes self-care appear like a luxury, something in the distant future that we can only acquire once we have payed our dues and worked hard enough. I want to encourage you to never believe this false and self destructive reality.

What is self-care about?

Self care is about taking the time to do things that help you live a lifestyle that promotes physical and mental wellness. To live in harmony with your mind, body, & spirit. To belong to yourself above all because only then can you pour into others with love.

What does self care look like?

Self care can look different for everybody because we all have different needs that need to be met. Self-Care becomes easier when we tailor it to our needs and incorporate it into our habits. For me keeping my why in mind helps me to stay consistent in my self-care routine. If I do not practice self care I become irritable, overworked, tired, angry, hangry (because I forget to eat)..and well you get the picture.

Some self-care ideas that can work for just about anybody are,

  1. Stretching

  2. Hydrating

  3. Enough sleep

  4. Eating well

I found my 'sweet spot' for self care by,

  1. Acknowledging that self care is self-love.

  2. Telling my inner circle (family and friends may need to adjust to your new routines).

  3. Keeping myself accountable (one way I do this is by reminding myself that I am worthy).

  4. Practicing a self care routine that makes sense for my lifestyle.

  5. Stopped overcomplicating things, and stuck to what works.

I am curious to hear what your thoughts on self care are and how you incorporate self-care into your life? Leave a comment below.

Wishing you harmony in your self-care journey,


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